Quick Satay Sauce

This is not a traditional Malaysian recipe. We made it up to approximate the flavour of satay sauce, with ingredients that are pretty much in every kitchen.

½ cup peanut butter
1 chilli
2 teaspoons soy sauce
juice of 1 lemon
a little olive oil

To make the satay sauce, whizz the peanut butter, chilli, soy, lemon juice and olive oil [...]

Lamb Steaks

The steak sandwich lost a little of its lustre because too many were sold with too much fat and gristle to fight with. If you use the loin of lamb you’ll never face that indignity again.
Well before there were such things as the new cuts of red meat and poultry, butchers used to sell a [...]

Veal Roast

6 slices bacon, fat reduced but not eliminated
roast of veal
several sprigs of rosemary
a little lemon juice
a little butter
black pepper

Heat the oven to 200°C. Lay half the bacon on the base of the pan and heat until sizzling. Put the veal on top of the cooking bacon, and place the rest of the bacon on top [...]

Stir-fried lamb fillets

Tiny lamb fillets are a treasure, too often forgotten in the search for legs and loins and chops. They’re easy to prepare, quick to cook, and there’s absolutely no waste.

Rack of beef, roasted

If you have sought and found the butcher of your dreams, you will never be concerned about tough steaks again. The best butchers choose the best cuts from the best cattle; but that’s not the end of it. You can be sure they love their meat and treat it tenderly, with the utmost respect.

You’ll never [...]

Ham hash

Every year I fall into a ham 1 for Christmas. And every year when I get the monster home I look at it and wonder what the hell am I going to do with it. It’s a little easier with many mouths to feed, but it is always before Christmas that we start to look [...]

Something like veal cordon bleu, whatever that is

Veal cordon bleu: is it real?
Did anybody make it up?
Or is it like an Hawaiian pizza, nothing more than the fertile imagination of an Australian pub cook, circa 1970. Remember? It was at about the same time as carpetbag steak, and ham steak, and sweet corn and onion salad, and baked potatoes and sour cream.
Anyway, [...]

Veal chops

Veal chops seem to be perfect candidates for quick cooking on the grill, but all is not as it seems. The chops from a young vealer are often confused by fat and sinew and sheaths, hanging about. Remarkably, they are great when cooked slowly in stock or tomatoes. If you wish to cook them quickly, [...]

Roast veal for picky feeders

There remain difficult people to please and to feed. I have great sympathy for these poorly guided folk. It was not too many years ago that I was one of them. Chops, sausages and mashed potatoes. That was me.
So, whenever you are required to cook for one of this unfortunate and plentiful breed, give them [...]

Veal shanks, or osso buco in the Orient

I delight in osso buco because I delight in veal, and the deliciously subtle flavour which comes from well-cooked veal bones is blissful. Put them together and you’re in heaven. There are plenty of sound arguments why home cooks shouldn’t bother to make stocks, the basis of the discussion being that stocks require too much [...]