A Pure Indulgence: Scrambled Eggs With Scampi

I was brought up on scrambled eggs. After stewing fruit, scrambling eggs might well have been my first try at the stove. I still love them, despite 14,322 helpings during my childhood and adolescence.
Funny thing about scrambled eggs. The routines you learn as a fair dinkum Aussie boy are not necessarily the routines you should [...]

The Truth About Eggs

Tapenade is a simple Proven├žal mix of anchovies and olives and capers and garlic. There are few things with more guts and flavour. It’s also black as sin, making for a great colour foil for the white of a boiled egg. Looks great as part of a picnic spread.
This is a dish for those who [...]

Green Eggs and Ham

If you can’t do crazy things in the kitchen, what’s the point? This is for the little kid in all of us.
Dr Seuss was my sort of story-book writer. Behind all the jokes and images, a gentle dig in the ribs. A reminder of the possibilities available on a path somewhere to the left of [...]