Green Eggs and Ham

If you can’t do crazy things in the kitchen, what’s the point? This is for the little kid in all of us.
Dr Seuss was my sort of story-book writer. Behind all the jokes and images, a gentle dig in the ribs. A reminder of the possibilities available on a path somewhere to the left of [...]

A Pot of Mussels

This is one of the best of peasant dishes, with splendid flavours and aromas. Best of all, ifs very simple to re-create a version as good as the best.
Mussel soups appear to be another exception to the usual rule of stocks making the soup. Appear to be, because mussels provide their own stock to their [...]

Corn Chowder

This was inspired by a trip to the United States, the acknowledged home of the chowder. It wasn’t always so.
Chowder is considered an essentially north-eastern American dish, but it seems it is an American dish in name only. Dishes of meat and fish cooked in large pots had been part of cultures across the globe [...]

Joseph Martin’s Oysters with Pasta

Lots of oysters, and a little cream. Fresh oysters, and fresh pasta is just as pleasant as it would seem, on paper. Add a little cream, to draw the flavours of the sea through every strand of the pasta.
The simplest of food is not always associated with restaurants, more’s the pity. But the first time [...]

Lamb Steaks

The steak sandwich lost a little of its lustre because too many were sold with too much fat and gristle to fight with. If you use the loin of lamb you’ll never face that indignity again.
Well before there were such things as the new cuts of red meat and poultry, butchers used to sell a [...]

Slow-cooked Salmon

Tasmania’s farmed salmon industry has gone from nothing to becoming one of our great providers in less than ten years. No wonder. The fish is pure joy, and available north, south, east and west, and all parts in between.
Here is really no need for any accompaniment to this dish, other than a little quality olive [...]

Sweet Potatoes In A French Provincial Style

Sweet potatoes share all the wonders of potato, including their love of heaps of butter, and they cook like a dream in the microwave. My sort of food. Any method you use to cook potatoes will apply to sweet potatoes.
Sweet potatoes are all their straightforward name would suggest they should be. Sweet as sugar and [...]