Slow-cooked Salmon

Tasmania’s farmed salmon industry has gone from nothing to becoming one of our great providers in less than ten years. No wonder. The fish is pure joy, and available north, south, east and west, and all parts in between.

Here is really no need for any accompaniment to this dish, other than a little quality olive oil, some lemon juice, and salt and pepper. But if you want to be really flash, serve it with hand-made pesto, and a pile of mashed potatoes, dosed up with virgin olive oil.

a little of your best virgin olive oil

4 fillets Atlantic salmon, bones removed, skin on

lemon juice


black pepper


Make sure your oven is stone cold. Then put it to its lowest mark. On mine it’s somewhere between 100°C-125°C.


Take a cold pan that can go into the oven, and wipe a little olive oil on the base. Arrange the fish fillets, skin down, and reasonably well separated about the pan.


Put in the oven, and relax. The fish will be done after 20-25 minutes, depending on its thickness. You will know it’s done when a slight milkiness escapes from the flesh, and there is a significant change of colour.


That’s it. Serve sprinkled with lemon juice, a little salt, and a liberal grinding of black pepper.

WINE: Salmon cooked well sits well with several wines. You can drink a good young pinot, brimming with fruit flavour, or a complex, full-flavoured chardonnay.