A surprise pea and ham soup

An oldie, and a goldie. Trouble is the season for great peas is not necessarily the season for great soups. But then again, I love ice creams when the weather is freezing.

Stir-fried lamb fillets

Tiny lamb fillets are a treasure, too often forgotten in the search for legs and loins and chops. They’re easy to prepare, quick to cook, and there’s absolutely no¬†waste.

Risotto with tuna

The heat retained in risotto makes it a natural for cooking fish without effort, while retaining any of the juice of the fish that might run free. Tuna is an excellent partner, chunky and bitey and aggressive, particularly when kept undercooked.

A pasta starter

This is so simple, it’s hardly worth noting, but it encompasses everything to do with cooking pasta: simple flavours, blends, add-ons, options, opinions, care, and colour. Just like the society we live in.