What you need in your pantry and your freezer

These two places might well be the most important places in your house. Each is the reservoir of special things which can assist any ingredient on its path to heaven. These odds and ends don’t have to be expensive, just well thought through.

Herbs every home garden should have

Rosemary. You can see the beautifully tender tips of this perennial poking through fences right across town, and the aroma of its oil is wonderful. Add rosemary to any style of sauce you like and you’ll be on a winner: with beef stock – 10/10; with lamb stock – 10/10, with cream, 10/10; with a [...]

Ten perfect presents

The best gift is something of yourself. So when Christmas comes, or Mother’s Day, or a special birthday, roll up your sleeves and make something special.

Twenty ideas for picnics

Chicken breasts, marinated in coconut milk, a little red curry paste, ginger and garlic, cooked, cooled and served in a salad of spinach and sesame seeds.
Australian smoked salmon, with creamy goat’s cheese, dill, hot mustard cress, olive oil, lime juice and black pepper.
Roast some garlic (do this in the microwave for a minute, allow to [...]

My top ten

Here is a list of my favourite dishes from this book. Not necessarily those I cook most – in fact I have this strange need to set aside the things I love, to know they are there and to call on them in times of need – but those dishes which have served me well for a long time, and will continue to do so.