Veal and pork sausages

It never ceases to amaze me how much people love sausages. Why? Perhaps it is to do with the shape, or childhood memories; or the possibilities of the extreme flavour of a great sausage; or even how well a sausage melds with a classic tomato sauce.
My father used to look forward to his annual holidays [...]

Micky’s marvellous marinated pork

Nothing makes my good friend Michael Gordon happier than a dirty apron, a wok, a bench loaded with spices, and a large crowd anticipating a good feed from the Orient. Micky once did a Chinese cooking course which had the unexpected side-effect of turning his intimate dinner parties into banquets for twenty to thirty people. [...]

Pork spare ribs; gnawing at the bone

You have to be something of an animal to enjoy pork spare ribs. Enjoyment is gnawing away at fat and bones, ripping away tender meat, while the soy and pork fat drips down your chin. And enjoyment is dependent on you getting the best quality ribs — plenty of meat, mixed with just the right [...]

Stuffed pork neck, lazy way

The lovely thing about being keen on food and cooking is that there is no end to the things you can learn. Here I was, strolling down a suburban street, minding my own business, when I happened upon a butcher’s shop. I stopped to ponder on what appeared to be just another display of meat, [...]

James Mavros’ lamb’s neck

Aaaah, a pleasant day in the country. Lunch was a leg of lamb, a lamb, I might add, which had been born, raised, and slaughtered not all that far from the table on which we ate. The post-lunch recovery was spent assisting (more accurately, watching, bemused) the round-up of a flock of ewes and lambs, [...]

Lamb shanks

I started a career on ABC radio with a recipe for lamb shanks, and the place went wild. People were writing in from mansions and caravan parks for what is nothing at all really — just a simple mix of lamb shanks and water and vegetables, and patience.
It gave me great heart that some of [...]

Roast lamb with garlic and mashed potatoes

A large leg of lamb is, more often than not, too much: too big, too long to cook, too hard to get perfectly pink all the way through. But, if you get your butcher to cut a leg into its individual segments, running his knife along the inner tracts of muscle and sinew and fibre, [...]

Lamb fillets

You might see lamb fillets in the butcher’s display tray. Be wary. These are more likely to come from mutton than lamb, and, although still tender, have a very gamey flavour, which may not appeal to too many modern palates. This is the flavour of big, fat sheep, coming from years of roaming wild pastures.

If [...]

The loin of lamb, touched with garlic, roasted, and served pink in a reduced port and lamb stock sauce

The title will tell you where this recipe came from. Notice the formality and the nonsense added to give it a style of its own. It’s a menu item from the old restaurant, and menu writers, especially me in my heyday, do get carried away with detail. I sometimes think quality restaurants would be better [...]

Lamb steaks in a simple sauce

Lamb chops are so familiar to all of us that they are rarely considered first-rate cooking. Nothing, to my mind, could be further from the truth. The bones pared to the loin and the chops cooked on a barbecue or grill make for a classic dish, beautiful to look at, delicious to the taste. The [...]