Best burgers

A hamburger might very well be the most popular . feed on the globe; at least the western part of it, anyway. Not surprising really. You get a filling feed, simply, quickly and cheaply, with a minimum of effort.

The irony is you can achieve a hugely superior product at home, simply, quickly, cheaply, with a [...]

Beef vindaloo from Chishti’s

I fell in love with a tiny Indian restaurant in Melbourne’s inner suburb of Fitzroy, and was particularly enchanted with the chef’s version of beef vindaloo. I adhered to my principle of asking for special recipes. Harjinder Singh Bhogal, who was in the midst of writing his own cook book, was happy to oblige.

2 tablespoons [...]

Chong’s Beef Rendang

I’ve always believed you have to have been born in the Orient to be a dab hand at making curry, or slow-cooked meats, or spicy sauces. How else can you get close to understanding the flavours that come from a teaspoon of this, a cup of that, an infusion of something else? These are the [...]

Beef Wellington for reformed romantics

The first time I cooked for show I went for broke: Beef Wellington with all the trimmings. The occasion provides vivid memories. I had just moved into an unfamiliar house, I had no idea how the oven worked, and would not have picked the difference between a beef fillet and a shoulder of lamb.
Such a [...]

The perfect steak, very rare; a parable for meat lovers

It took me a long time to decide how best to serve a steak. The ‘How rare is rare?’ syndrome. But it all came together one dreary winter’s night when the front door of the restaurant was swept open and into our presence came a gentleman who was wearing the clothes he had received at [...]

Lamb and Beef, Pork and Veal

The best way to cook meats well at home is to cultivate a good butcher. And the best way to cultivate a good butcher is to open an account.

Accounts are strange social instruments. They guarantee a happy repartee until one party lets down the other. So, you will get to know your butcher, and he [...]