A Creamy Cheese, A Creamy Sauce

Gorgonzola is a richly flavoured, creamy blue cheese. Just melted, it makes a creamy sauce of its own, especially with such chunky dishes as gnocchi. With pasta, I reckon it needs a few props, to cut down the fattiness of the dish.

The best pasta for the creaminess of this sauce is either a flat spaghetti called linguine, like that you make yourself, or maccheroni alla chitarra from the region of Abruzzo. The flat-surfaced pasta holds much more of the sauce than the cylindrical variety. This recipe contains a small amount of pasta relative to the sauce. It’s up to you whether it’s pasta with gorgonzola or gorgonzola with pasta (true gorgonzola lovers will prefer more cheese, but as I say, please yourself).

1 small leek, chopped roughly

zest of 1 lime, chopped very finely

1 chilli, chopped finely – This is optional, but only for those with kids whose palates have not yet been primed.

ΒΌ cup olive oil

160 g finest spaghetti (about 40 g per person)

100 g gorgonzola, rind removed, and cut into smallish cubes – It’s too creamy for cubes, but you know what I mean.

black pepper (30 seconds turning on the mill)

12 basil leaves

juice of 1 lime


Cook the leeks, lime zest and chilli in the olive oil, until the leek has softened, and has become quite shiny. Set aside.


Cook the pasta as per the instructions on the packet, and drain.


While the pasta is draining, re-heat the leek mix. This takes but 20 seconds. Add the gorgonzola and stir about, on a very low heat, until the gorgonzola has melted and attached itself to the leeks. Turn the pepper mill over the lot. Don’t add salt.


Mix in the basil leaves and lime juice. Toss the pasta through the lot and serve simply. If you need Parmigiano Reggiano on this dish, you’re a cheese freak.

WINE: The richness of this dish demands something to cut through it, or provide some balance. A good beer, served cold, is ideal, or a white wine with a good acid structure: perhaps an Eden Valley or Clare rhine riesling.