Hot dogs, given new life with pappardelle

The thick tomato sauce from the previous recipe has plenty of uses, especially if you don’t drown the pasta with it. Just let it hold on to the ribbons or curls or whatever. I have found it particularly attractive when faced with leftover hot dogs or frankfurters after one of the kids’ birthday parties. It’s a common problem with ‘dogs. You always get too many and wonder what to do with the leftovers. Fear not: they make for a terrific dish if tossed with pappardelle – very wide pasta, about double the width of tagliatelle. This is generally purchased, but it is very easy to make yourself.

In a way, this recipe is an upmarket version of hot dogs with tomato sauce.

a rich, thick tomato sauce, laced with chilli (see page 256)

small bunch of basil

a few small chunks of broccoli

some pappardelle

leftover hot dogs sliced into bite-sized pieces - Many of these – particularly the European knackwurst or the Spanish chorizo have been pre-cooked. If the sort you are left with have not, then cook them through.

plenty of chives, chopped finely black pepper Parmesan


Cook the sauce, adding a handful of basil towards the end of the cooking time. Keep in a warm spot.


Cook the broccoli, sliced into individual flowers, while the pasta is cooking.


Heat through the hot dogs in a hot pan, thus replicating a barbecue grill. Set aside.


When the pasta is cooked, toss the sauce, hot dogs, broccoli and chives through the sauce. Serve hearty portions in deep bowls. Turn the pepper mill over the lot and sprinkle with grated Parmesan.

WINE: Australia produces the best quality, value-for-money wine in the world. There are lots of value reds for this dish. Some to try are Jacob’s Creek, Seaview Cabernet Sauvignon and Church Hill Cabernet Merlot.