A chicken’s inner secret

There is a most underestimated treasure lurking in poultry parlours and butcher shops across town. You might well have to search diligently for these little wonders, and perhaps even argue with your butcher as to your rights to them.
They are difficult to find because most of us wouldn’t even think to look for them. Stuck [...]

Tandoori chicken, almost

You’re not ever likely to have a tandoor oven in the kitchen, never likely to have access to the brilliant dry heat of these marvellous Indian vats of cooking, but with a bit of trickery and a touch of magic, you can produce some of the flavours of the tandoor, simply.

6 chicken breasts — 1 [...]

Hot, hot chicken in a flash

Let me present to you the world’s most spectacularly successful, quick as a flash and wonderfully flavoured dish; a dish for cooks large and thin, old and young, keen and dull; for the flamboyant and the flat, for singles, doubles, triples and more.
It’s a curry which takes the same time to cook as it does [...]

Warm chicken salad

We went through a phase with warm salads. An entirely admirable one it was, too, and not to be dismissed now, even though it might be out of fashion.
Salads represent an apparently disparate group of ingredients drawn together by a sauce or a common flavour. They are the ultimate in freshness and honesty on the [...]

A three-time loser: a chicken, stuffed, roasted, then boiled

In the not-so-old days, chicken sat next to crayfish as the food of the fortunate. I remember seeing chicken once a year, at Christmas; although we did have it occasionally, as a ‘casserole’, in less celebratory times. Later I discovered foul play: the chicken in a casserole was more likely rabbit than chook.
Such deception seems [...]