Mum’s Lamingtons

You might need to double the mix if you have a large tin. The recipe calls for a lamington tin, which is a rectangle with reasonably high sides. Remember, the mix will rise somewhat. The cake base is the same as A Simple Butter Cake: One For The Fridge Door.

½ cup good quality cocoa, sifted

½ cup very hot water, not boiling

250 g icing sugar, sifted

2 tablespoons melted butter

plenty of desiccated coconut

1 butter cake (see A Simple Butter Cake: One For The Fridge Door)


Sift together the cocoa and the icing sugar. Add the melted butter, and mix through.


Add the water, bit by bit, until the mix has come together. It should not be stiff, should not pour. Spreadable I guess is the term. Add more or less water to get the right consistency.


Cut the cooled cake into cubes, with sides of about four centimetres.


Spike with a skewer, and dip into the chocolate icing, covering all sides.


Toss the desiccated coconut into a plastic bag. Add the chocolate-coated cubes, one at a time, and shake around until well covered with coconut.


Spread out on an airing tray until dried. Serve whenever you like – perhaps not for breakfast, unless you’re on the eighth hole, on a roll, and looking for added strength for mind and body.

WINE: You could give your guests a choice cup of tea or a glass of old Oloroso sherry.