Sardines, fried very simply, with lemon juice

If there are only a few of you, and not so many sardines, they are delicious pan-fried.


plain flour

lemon juice

chopped herbs


Put a few in a sieve and toss them in sifted flour over a plate.


Heat some oil in a heavy-bottomed pan (Le Creuset pans are perfect) until a little flour thrown in fries instantly (about 190°C).


Put the sardines in the pan one at a time, making sure that they sizzle instantly. Cook for about 90 seconds on one side, turn over for about 30 seconds, turn off the heat, and sprinkle with freshly chopped herbs, especially parsley.


Put a lid on the pan and get the rest of the meal organised. When you’re ready, drain the fish on absorbent paper and serve with no more than the sprinkle of lemon or lime juice, a little salt and some black pepper.

WINE: With sardines it’s got to be beer and/or a young Rhine riesling.

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