Raspberry and muscat sauce

This is one of the great dessert sauces, a must with any chocolate, or any ice cream. The muscat must be of the best quality, from north-east Victoria.

500g raspberries, fresh or frozen

200 ml good quality muscat

The better the quality, as ever, the better the flavour of the sauce

50-60g sugar, or to taste

If the raspberries are very sweet, this amount could be halved.

Cook gently to soften the raspberries. Add the sugar along with the muscat, and cook until the raspberries soften and separate. The sugar is not to sweeten, but to take away the natural sharpness of the raspberries. Too much sugar makes the sauce go ‘jammy’. When cooked, force the sauce through a sieve to eliminate seeds. If the berries are fresh you can leave in the seeds, but if using frozen berries, the seeds must go.